Feedback from clients

I totally recommend Maria if you need any type of clarity in your life. One of the best readers that I know.


Maria read a 6 card spread for me… When I received my reading, I was blown away by her interpretation of my card spread! Her writing is clear and intuitive, and I was able to easily dip into that insight and connect many of her points to things relevant to my life.


Thank you for your reading! It was powerful and resonates. I appreciate you using your gift to help guide me. I’ll definitely be coming back for another reading.


This is such a beautiful and resonating reading, I am truly impressed.


Wow thank you so much Maria! Everything resonated so well. Thank you for shining light on pretty much everything I needed to know right now!😄 I am very grateful!!


Your interpretation of the cards was spot on. Thank you for the wonderful reading!


Thank you so much for this reading. Every single sentence was true and relevant. You are very gifted.